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I Chose America

Ike Udeh Autobiography book

At the age of 19, Ike Udeh made the difficult decision to travel thousands of miles from his hometown of Enugu, Nigeria, to the United States of America to pursue a better life and more opportunity for his family.

As a young Nigeria national team soccer player, he was presented with a tough choice: immediate wealth and stardom on a professional European team or a scholarship to play for Alabama A&M University while getting his education. He chose America and education. Along the way, he was also able to play in major league soccer in the USA.

Ike was regularly faced with culture shocks and the challenges of being an immigrant college student and athlete in northern Alabama. He dealt with the pain and disappointment of being away from the home and culture he knew, as well as multiple heartbreaks, but finally, he found lasting love and a worldwide family.

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